Episode 9: Rome

Are donors living up to their promises?  Eckhard Deutscher (Chair of the Development Assistance Committee) and Richard Carey (Director of the Development Cooperation Directorate of the OECD)  talk about the 2009 Development Cooperation Report, progress towards increasing aid and the way it is delivered, and the work of the DAC.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Rome

  1. with all due respect, that was hardly the most challenging interview anyone has ever had to undergo. You clearly share the basic assumptions on aid and its effectiveness with these top bureaucrats. There was more blue water between you and the Christian Aid guy, and so we had a good debate and wanted to listen. Not this time. Try Devil’s Advocate in the future. It will make for more informative listening.

  2. Dear KFC

    Thanks. Fair point.

    But this isn’t meant to be Hard Talk. I do want people to have the chance to get their point across, and not simply to give them a rough ride.


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