Episode 15: Peter Singer

Professor Peter Singer talks on Development Drums about his new book, The Life You Can Save. This book sets out an ethical case for why people should give more money to people in developing countries.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 15: Peter Singer

  1. Another fascinating and — this time — challenging interview. My only rather self-serving reservation about Professor Singer’s injunction to individuals to obey the moral imperative to give money for third world poverty reduction is that in practice private contributions by individuals are never going to be more than a fraction of the money spent for the same purpose by governments: which arguably means that each individual’s top priority should be actively to support whichever political party is likely to carry out generous and effective development policies in office (including development aid but also trade and other policies likely to contribute to poverty reduction). In other words, collective action, as always, is incomparably more likely to be effective than any number of individual acts. But of course the two things are not in any sense alternatives and I accept that we should all do both.


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