Episode 2: Harare

With guests Peter daCosta in Kinshasa and Professor Adrian Wood of Oxford University

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We’ve done our best to respond to feedback:

  • the sound quality is better
  • more voices
  • voices from the South
  • more, shorter items
  • more random bits of music

Please tell us what you think.

Links to items discussed in the show:

1. Should donors cap aid to Africa?
Adrian Wood article in FT
Discussion at CGD blog

2. Zimbabwe – How should the international community react?
Tsvangirai appeals for aid
Economist article

3. Billions wasted in aid, according to Care
Press release
Care report
Press report

Guardian article

4. World Bank Doing Business Report
World Bank report
BBC News story

Many thanks to my sister Virginia for providing a studio for Adrian; and to Bob Smith for the jingle.

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