Development Drums is a podcast about international development and global poverty.  It is hosted by Owen Barder and produced by Theodore Talbot.

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  1. Owen,

    Great episode. Much improved. We love hearing your voice on our kitchen radio. But just one suggestion: Jeannie I think you have to lose the musical interludes.

    Miss you guys lots!

  2. Owen – great to see your blog again and I’m looking forward to listening to the podcasts. But each time I try to download via iTunes I only receive part of the podcast, even though it looks like a complete download has happened (but less than the full length)… on all three attempts, different amounts have been downloaded – 13 mins, 28 mins and 45 mins. Same problem with both episodes so far.

    Catriona and I are devoted Podcast consumers given the media available in Sudan, so we’re excited about this!


  3. Hi Clive

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with downloads. Peter daCosta reported a similar problem from Kinshasa.

    I’ve moved the MP3 files to Amazon S3 servers, which should have higher bandwidth. Try it now and let me know if it works.

  4. Owen, I’d had problems last week downloading from Nairobi but it seems to be working today. My wife and I will be sitting down for a cuppa and a good listen tonight. Looking forward to it!

  5. Great news. I think the new server works better. I’m glad you could get it, Damian. I’m going to migrate the whole feed to a better service but I’m struggling with the problem of getting iTunes to update its links. Watch this space …

  6. The sound quality of episode 2 is incomparably better than that of episode 1. Congratulations and keep those improvements rolling in.

    But according to my iTunes stats episode 2 is a few minutes longer even than episode 1, both just over an hour, and that’s a very long time to have to concentrate on some occasionally pretty dry and technical stuff. I know I’m a fine one to preach brevity but I think shorter episodes really are desirable if the audience is to stay captured.

    It’s a triumph already, though.

  7. Hi Owen
    Can I persuade you to share what hardware you’re using to make the recordings? E.g. having 2 guests like Acemoglu and Robinson in a room.

  8. Hi Owen,
    Quick question — who do you use to produce the transcripts for the series? I’m producing some podcasts and need to find a good transcriber!
    Many thanks,

  9. Hi Ben

    We use PodsInPrint. It looks to me as if their website has been hacked so I won’t give you the URL here (but it is what you would think it would be).

    Kind regards

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