Episode 4: Gabarone

With Shanta Devarajan and Sheila Page.  Discussion of the impact of the economic crisis on developing countries, the food crisis, moves towards a new Free Trade Area for Africa, and the Mo Ibrahim Prize for good governance.

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Shanta's pictureShantayanan Devarajan is the Chief Economist of the World Bank’s Africa Region.  Since joining the World Bank in 1991, he has been a Principal Economist and Research Manager for Public Economics in the Development Research Group, and the Chief Economist of the Human Development Network, and of the South Asia Region.  Shanta maintains the Africa Can blog.

Sheila Page is a specialist in trade at the Overseas Development Institue.

Links to topics discussed

The impact of the economic crisis on developing countries

The Mo Ibrahim Prize for African Governance

African Free Trade Zone Agreed

Food crisis

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